About Tehuacan

Tehuacan is the second-most important city in the state. It is characterized by is arts and crafts like works in onyx, and wine, brandy and liquor making. Due to the large amount of mineral water springs in the region, there are several bottling plants that distribute their products across the country.

The city's tourist attractions include the El Carmen Convent, the Concepción Parish and the Anthropology and History Museum, as well as the Garci-Crespo, Riego, Peñafiel and San Lorenzo springs.

The San Francisco Church, the Calvario Temple, the Carmen Cultural Complex, the House of Culture, and the Regional Museum are other great spots to visit. Other must see sites are: the Botanical Gardens, the San Bernandino Lagoons, Tehuacán Viejo "the Table", the C. Ingeniero Pastor Rouaix Méndez monument on el Paseo Hidalgo, the monument to the family, the General Ignacio Zaragoza sculpture, the Casa de Altos and the Moorish-style Municipal Palace. The most important cultural sites are the old Carmen Convent and Museum. The San Lorenzo Baths, Cortijo Granada, the Private Molino Club, and the San Bernardino Lagoons are options near the city that are perfect for a weekend trip.

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